Hi guys,

Welcome to the campaign. I’ll just jump into some rules and other things here.

This campaign will be good aligned. So, feel free to make your characters as you wish, but they have to be willing to fight with good forces against the forces of evil. Standard stuff. Also, no secret spys for the dark wizard or opportunists trying to undo the team. Maybe when I am a better dm, but for right now I am not.

No special rules or restrictions as of now. We will see how things go as it goes along. If anything major needs to be baned, ill let whoever is affected make necessary changes. I bet I am the only one who has access to the other resources than just the player handbook and you are sure to use them if you need to.

In honor of our last campaign, everyone will start off at Level 2. I am sure we will have a pow wow about character creation some time in person, and there we can do a character and leveling. For gold, roll what you normally would and add 750 gold. Note that this is an ECL of 2. So, if you want to have a race with monster Hit Dice, or a Level Adjustment, it still needs to add up to 2. I am willing to do something like a race with an LA of 1 and a single Racial HD, and you can choose a class on the next level. If we get up to level 5 or 6 we may talk on how to lose an LA.

We are going to start off as part of a band of mercenaries called the Bloodhawks. The Bloodhawks are led by a man who has a bit of a moral compass and a lot of ambition. You have been with the Bloodhawks long enough to know the members as well as each other. You can decide what happened before you joined the mercenaries, your motives, and if you knew anyone else. You are free to leave the mercenaries at any point, but you will do it all together, of course. No splitting up the adventurers.


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