The first round
or actually half the first round

Hey guys, The first session was completed like 4 weeks ago, but now I am getting around to actually getting all the shit straightened out! YAY!

Alright, anyway, the experience points I will give to each player is exactly 400. Not too bad for only half a singular adventure. I will award an extra 15 xp too… everyone! just cuz.

Items picked up and wealth obtained included:

4 daggers
1 longsword
2 potion light cure wounds
1 potion of mage armor
1 vial of poison
1 Peril Emerald – Needs appraisal
1 Silver watch – needs appraisal
1 Heavy crossbow
9 bolts in quiver
1 leather armor
1 book of a wizard – currently unread or examined.
1 vial of ink
1 dwarven waraxe
1 scale mail
1 torch
a stuffed teddy bear
1 ruby – Needs appraisal
10 pp
650 gp

Remind me if there is anything I missed. I kinda do not remember what was left behind, so you can have all of it if necessary.

We will pick up where we left off, moving from the Golden Woods into the moors of the old Kingdom beyond

Also, I am having trouble getting the character sheets going. I think its a special custom CSS script you can run, but you can’t run it without a paid account. Lets try rescribeing the character sheets using and just having a link to that in your character description. We will see how that works out. If we don’t like it, Ill spring for an subscription to obsidian portal.

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